Pink carpet with Myriam Klink @ Rao’s!

When a celebrity strikes Jounieh street with Carpets and Paparazzis, we know it is happening at RAO’s. Commonly knows as Red Carpet events, but this time, the color was pink, wondering why ? THE GUEST is the answer.

Myriam Klink, the famous Lebanese Model, showed up at RAO’s in Pink Hummer , followed by a Pink Carpet at Rao’s, that lead our MODEL to nowhere but an Interview with The Famous Wissam Sabbagh, in the overwhelming mood that Rao’s provides.

thumbs up Pink carpet with Myriam Klink @ Raos!thumbs down Pink carpet with Myriam Klink @ Raos!

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  1. HabiB says:

    Myriam yo2borneeeeeeeeee

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